Student Support

The Windward School understands that achieving academic competence alone is not enough for our students. To help prepare them to return to mainstream education, we also provide them with opportunities for social and emotional growth. Windward offers special programs for lower and middle school students that are specifically designed to help them. They include programs that:

  • Understand and manage their emotions
  • Develop friendships and manage social situations
  • Develop empathy for others
  • Understand how they learn
  • Learn how to advocate for themselves
  • Boost their self-confidence and build self-esteem
  • Succeed socially and academically in a mainstream environment

Student Support Programs By Division

Contact Us

Manhattan Lower School
phone: (212) 222-8628

Dr. Ania Siwek Psychologist
ext. 3366


Manhattan Middle School
phone: (212) 222-8628

Mike Ackerman
Guidance Counselor, Grades 7 & 8, 
ext. 3337

Lauren Fulco
Guidance Counselor, Grades 5 & 6,
ext. 3336

Westchester Lower School
phone: (914) 949-6968

Dr. Sarah Rendell
ext. 2242

Mihal Spitzer
Guidance Counselor
ext. 2244

Andrew Pearlman
Guidance Counselor
ext. 2264

Westchester Middle School
phone: (914) 949-6968

Julie Liebman
Dean of Student Support Services & Guidance Counselor for Students in Grade 6
ext. 1239

Nicole Hanby
Guidance Counselor Students w/ last names L-Z Grades 7-9
ext. 1127

Lauren Proetta 
Guidance Counselor
Students w/last names A-K Grades 7-9
ext. 1105