The Windward School is a premier independent day school for children with dyslexia or other language-based learning disabilities. With two campuses in White Plains, and one campus on the Upper East Side of New York City, Windward remediates a student's dyslexia or LBLD in preparation for a return to a mainstream school environment. 


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All faculty, staff, and administrators are committed to ensure that every Windward student reads with confidence, writes with purpose, and achieves the skills necessary to lead a life of fulfillment and accomplishment.
Windward's mission is to remediate students' dyslexia or other language-based learning disability and to return students to mainstream schools.
Windward's language-based curriculum is research-based and multisensory and taught using a direct instruction teaching model.
With two teachers and rarely more than 12 students in an academic classroom, students receive maximum time with expertly-trained teachers.
Beyond language arts classes, language learning is embedded in all content classes, the arts, and physical education.
The School is internationally recognized for its development of instructional programs designed specifically to help students achieve language proficiency.

Our Campuses

Westchester Lower School

Grades 1–5

Westchester Lower School is located at 1275 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, NY 10605.

Westchester Middle School

Grades 6–9

Westchester Middle School is located at 40 West Red Oak Lane, White Plains, NY 10604.

Manhattan Lower & Middle Schools

Grades 1–8

Manhattan Lower and Middle Schools is located at 212 East 93rd Street (b/w 2nd and 3rd Avenues), New York, NY 10128.

At a Glance


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Students across all three campuses in grades 1-9


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Campuses - Two in White Plains, N.Y. and one in Manhattan


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Periods of language arts classes per day


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Of students return to mainstream schools

$8 million

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Tuition assistance distributed for 2021-2022


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Cumulative hours of professional development for teachers each year


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Science classrooms across all three campuses


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Athletics teams across all three campuses


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After-school clubs across all three campuses

What Others Say

Windward is dedicated to the transmission of knowledge and teaching.

Windward is dedicated to the transmission of knowledge and teaching. What I saw was so indicative of what I believe is necessary for children to learn.

- Maryanne Wolf, PhD

UCLA Distinguished Visiting Professor of Education and Director of the UCLA Center for Dyslexia, Diverse Learners, and Social Justice and the Chapman University Presidential Fellow

My Windward graduate is using the skills he gained during his time with you.

My Windward graduate is using the skills he gained during his time with you to much success right now. Though the student may leave Windward, Windward never leaves the student!

- Westchester Middle School Alumni Parent

We need Windward all over the country, because there is no school like it.

We need Windward all over the country, because there is no school like it.

- Dr. Sally Shaywitz, Audrey G. Ratner Professor in Learning Development at Yale University and Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity

This is a HUGE milestone for us as a family

This is a HUGE milestone for us as a family, especially for our son...he is reading a book...on his own. My husband and I looked at each other in shock, excitement, and relief that we made the right decision (though a tough one) to move him to his current school. Thank you The Windward School for your passion and dedication to the wonderful world of dyslexia. We are grateful beyond words.

- Westchester Lower School Parent

I feel very lucky to know my daughter is part of this incredible school.

I feel very lucky to know my daughter is part of this incredible school. Beside the impressive academic side to it, Windward teaches human values that I know my daughter will carry with her as an adult. Please know I am deeply thankful for everything Windward has done for my family.

- Manhattan Middle School Parent

My husband and I are so grateful for all you are doing for our daughter. 

My husband and I are so grateful for all you are doing for our daughter. The moment I realized she had picked up a book and started reading a bedtime story to her younger sister was very moving for me. What a difference Windward has made in our lives.

- Manhattan Lower School Parent

Windward is a magic school

This is our son's first year at Windward. I respond to anyone inquiring about Windward with "It's a magic school!"

- Westchester Lower School Parent

I am grateful for a lot of things in my life

I am grateful for a lot of things in my life (especially now) but top of my list are my son's Windward teachers. I am in awe of their grace, resourcefulness, calm and pure engagement. They have created a safe and calm world for my little third grader. He is getting through this odd time in large part to his wonderful teachers providing as “normal” of a learning experience as they can at this time. I simply cannot imagine any other third grade student getting the kind of experience my son is receiving.

- Westchester Lower School Parent

One of the take aways from Windward

One of the takeaways from Windward was witnessing the incredible work ethic of everyone there. It was the indefatigable energy of the adults at Windward that helped our children to reach their highest abilities. My family will forever be grateful. Thank you!

- Manhattan Middle School Alumni Parent

The remote learning program has been great for our son.

We are blown away with the educational program that Windward has put together. It is full, enriching, structured and organized. I have been so impressed across all subject areas from his LA, math and social studies but also PE, art and science. My son has been engaged, learning, and happy! We feel very lucky to be apart of such an amazing school!

- Westchester Lower School Parent

Once our daughter began at Windward, her demeanor at home improved dramatically.

Once our daughter began at Windward, her demeanor at home improved dramatically. It was the Windward magic! I am in awe and admiration for how you continue to inspire, challenge and motivate our daughter to work independently and self advocate. Although school isn’t the same this spring being online, our daughter's confidence continues to bloom before our eyes. It’s a beautiful thing for us to see her carry this confidence into everything she does here at home. 

- Westchester Middle School Parent

Our son is excited to go to school every morning

Our son is excited to go to school every morning. He could not have done this without the enormous supportive team at Windward! We are so grateful.

- Westchester Middle School Parent

Thanks for all you do.

Thanks for all you do. You made a great difference in the life of our granddaughter.

- Manhattan Lower School Grandparent

I am appreciative of the continued professionalism, compassion, and dedication at Windward.

I am appreciative of the continued professionalism, compassion, and dedication at Windward. Students at the school are extremely fortunate. I only wish more were receiving the specialized, hands on, multisensory experience that Windward provides.

- Former Windward Faculty and Staff Member

Thank you to Windward for rising to the challenge of COVID-19 and succeeding!!

Thank you to Windward for rising to the challenge of COVID-19 and succeeding!! I am appreciative of all the teachers' skills and compassion.

- Manhattan Middle School Parent

Thank you for everything that you have done for my son.

Thank you for everything that you have done for my son. We are indebted to all of his Grade 8 teachers. You are all amazing.

- Westchester Middle School Parent

Windward has changed my life

Windward has changed my life for the best. I am forever grateful for Windward and will take the tools I learned wherever life takes me. In addition, I'm so fortunate for the long-lasting bonds that Windward allowed me to create.

- Alumni 

Special Thanks

We could not be prouder of the progress that our son has made so far, and we are so sure that these strides are due to his supportive, skilled, kind, compassionate, intelligent and highly specialized teachers. What struck us most was how coordinated each subject is with the other and that each teacher is working on the core skills of reading and writing—including science and math, which are not typically literacy related classes. Thank you for creating and sustaining an environment that allows our son and students like him not only to learn, but to thrive. 

- Manhattan Middle School Parent

Son Feels Blessed

We are so grateful that our son is a part of the Windward community. And what's more... he feels blessed to be a part of it too. He has never felt so successful or so understood—and we already feel the difference in his confidence and his emotional well being. Our son told me yesterday that he wishes that he was in Windward since the 2nd grade, when he began to visibly struggle in school.

Yesterday, he picked up a chapter book and started to read at bedtime—on his own. This has not happened in years. 

- Manhattan Middle School Parent

Starting to Ask to Help to Read

Within the first week my son was at Windward I could see that this was a very special program. His reading skills have progressed more than I could have imagined possible. I literally cried when he came home and read because I had no idea that it was possible for him to progress so much so quickly. When I read to him at night (which I have been doing for years) suddenly he has started to ask if he can help read and he seems to enjoy doing so. This means more to me than you can imagine.

- Manhattan Lower School Parent

Windward Saved my Daughter's Life

Windward changed my daughter's life. It not only changed her life, it saved her life!! There are not enough words of thank you. A proud Windward mom.

- Alumni Parent

Windward is a special place

I am so thankful for everything Windward has taught me. It is such a special place–from the teachers to the life lessons I learned along the way. I wouldn't be the person I am today without Windward and the tools I learned there.

- Alumni

Alumni and Windward MLS Parent

I never truly appreciated my experiences as a Windward student until I became a Windward parent.

- Alumni and Manhattan Lower School Parent

WMS New Student

"My first few weeks at Windward have been so fun. I LOVE THIS SCHOOL! I can't believe I finally go to a school that knows how to teach me."

- Westchester Middle School Student

Alumni WMS Parent

When we first arrived at Windward almost five years ago, our daughter was a struggling student who doubted her ability to succeed in school and we were concerned parents, worried for our daughter's future. From the start, Windward tended to her needs both academically and emotionally. Every day, every teacher, every staff member, every touch point at Windward encouraged, challenged and empowered our daughter to do her best and be her best. At Windward, she learned that she could not only succeed at school, but excel as a student. In our daughter's own words, "Windward knows how to teach me and everyone there has my back." And it is only now that we are a Windward alumni family, that we can look back and truly see the gift The Windward School gave to us.  

- Alumni Parents

Part II WMS Alumni Parents

When we see our daughter's confidence walking into school each morning, that's The Windward Effect. When we hear her happily tell us that she signed up to be a writer on the school magazine, that's The Windward Effect. And when she comes home from school, panicked about her first math test and assuredly decides to reach out to her math teacher and disclose her difficulty with word problems, only to find out that her math teacher also has dyslexia, that too is The Windward Effect. We are sure that there will be many challenges ahead, as there always are, but we are equally sure that our daughter can handle whatever comes her way because she was lucky enough to have been a student at The Windward School.

- Alumni Parents

MLS Current Parent

We feel truly blessed to have our child at Windward. It has already made such a difference in our lives. Our son went from occasionally being able to decipher a CVC word, to now actually reading his second language arts reader on his own every day. It is truly a miracle. In math, he could barely count-on, and now he is able to perform 3 digit subtraction with ease. He has gained confidence and made many friends.

- Manhattan Lower School Parent

Transformative Experience

Being at Windward for the past year has been a really transformative experience for our son. Thank you all for everything you do. 

- Manhattan Lower School Parent

Parents of Julie Schecter

Our daughter attended Windward and today is a practicing attorney. We credit her confidence, her resilience, and great success to Windward.

- Alumni Parents

Proud Grandfather

I am the grandfather of two boys who graduated from Windward. Windward gave them the tools and education for very successful lives. One grandson is an attorney for New York State Judiciary Commission. My other grandson went on to graduate high school with honors and was captain of his NY State Champion swimming teams. Now he is a sophomore in college majoring in science and technology with a 3.97 grade point average! Despite our fondest wishes, none of this would have been conceivable without their eight-year Windward experience. Our entire family is grateful to Windward for what they have done for our boys and so many other children.

- Grandfather of Westchester Middle School Alumni

Cloud 9

Our son recently graduated with honors from high school. He is on cloud 9, and it was a very emotional day for all of us given his journey and how hard he has worked along the way. Seeing him walk across that stage was a bit surreal. To say that Windward changed his trajectory and life is probably the understatement of the century (but we know you hear that a lot!). Thank you for all your support and council along the way, and please know that what you do every day makes such a huge difference for kids like our son.  

- Westchester Middle School Alumni Parent

All Honors

My child is a sophomore and just enrolled in all HONORS classes for next year. He never stops telling his mom about the gift of Windward and what the teachers did for him. He admires each and every one of you. He also acknowledges that Windward got him to where he is today and told me many times that this is not where he would be if not for Westchester Middle School! 

- Westchester Middle School Alumni Parent

All A's

My daughter earned straight A's all year and received four academic awards. All this from a kid when she walked in your doors could not read or write. Our hearts are so full from the education she received. Thank you will never say how we truly feel. We cannot be more proud of her outstanding work and know for sure her years at Windward paid off.

- Westchester Middle School Alumni Parent

Success Stories

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Windward Welcomes Swedish Royal Family and The Prince Couple's Foundation to Manhattan Campus

The Windward School welcomed two members of the Swedish Royal Family, HRH Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland, and his wife, HRH Princess Sofia as well as members of The Prince Couple’s Foundation—general secretary Kim Waller, COO Essi Alho, and senior project manager Mariama Sy—to its Manhattan campus on Monday, April 3 as a preface to their participation in the second annual World Dyslexia Assembly, which took place at Lincoln Center later in the day.