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About The Windward School Summer Program

The Windward School is a coeducational, independent day school dedicated to providing a proven instructional program for children with language-based learning disabilities. While The Windward School Summer Program follows the School's research-based, multisensory curriculum when structuring its academic offerings, it is a summer curriculum that can benefit students without language-based learning disabilities. The program's instructors, trained through the Windward Teacher Training Program, are all full-time members of the Windward faculty.

Who We Serve

The Summer Program is a group learning model that is designed for children who possess average to superior intelligence and are not meeting their academic potential. The multisensory curriculum is designed for students who benefit from direct instruction, small class sizes, and the review, reinforcement, and repetition of skills. While a diagnosis of a learning disability is not required, students who typically benefit from the Program present with academic challenges in reading comprehension, writing, mathematics, and/or executive functioning. Students who attend the program are bright, hard-working, and available to collaborate with peers in a classroom setting. Applicants should not present with behavioral or emotional needs that would interfere with the group learning environment.

The 2024 Program Runs from July 1 through July 26
Online registration is open!

Tuition Assistance

Applications for tuition assistance can be requested starting January 8 from Erik Bennett.

Deadline to request tuition assistance is May 3, 2024. Please see the FAQ section below regarding common inquiries and the tuition assistance assistance application process.

What People Say About The Windward School Summer Program


Windward’s Summer Program has been transformational for my son. He has attended for three years now. Each time he looks forward to it and comes home super excited about all he’s learned and the other children he’s met. I never in a million years thought this would be his attitude about an academic program – and one in the summer no less! The Windward method is incredible and the teachers are so talented and well prepared.

My son has been a reluctant writer, but after Windward this summer he started writing a fantasy fiction book. (He’s 11.) He’s about 30 pages in! It’s unbelievable. He had never written more than 4 sentences before that!! 

We Are Astonished

"We are astonished by all the material that was covered during this short session and our son's grasp of the materials presented in such a short period of time. Our son is very proud of the knowledge he has acquired. Though many subject areas were unfamiliar to him and at times difficult, he never expressed frustration. He in fact stated he was enjoying everything including the subject areas he found difficult and expressed that he was up for the challenge. He was so excited to go through every page of his math binder to show us step by step what he has learned."

Sincerest Gratitude for Summer Program

"We wanted to express our sincerest gratitude for what Windward's summer academic camp has done for our son. He was less than enthusiastic about the idea of attending the program but, by the end of his first day, he requested that we register him for the next summer and even asked if we would consider allowing him to switch schools to attend. Our son is a much more confident learner and is excited to return to school this fall to show what he has learned. Again, we just wanted to express our gratitude and thank everyone for the experience our son had at Windward's academic camp."

How Happy We have Been

"I just want to say how happy we have been with camp. My daughter loves the teachers, instructors, and other campers. She has just enjoyed herself so much the past few weeks. We just can't thank you and your team who have gone above and beyond to keep the kids so happy during these times."

Loving Third Summer

"My child is LOVING his third summer at Windward. He is loving summer school and seems motivated and enthused by being academically challenged which is a tear causing (for me), extremely rare occurrence. He really enjoyed and it's definitely helping with his skills and his attitude towards learning."

Great First Day

"Firstly I just wanted to say that my kids had a great first day at Windward’s Summer Program despite their reluctance to do academics during the summer. My daughter even said she wants to do it again next year! Thank you for creating a program that is fun, engaging and has put them at ease so much."

Delighted to be at Windward

"Thank you and the entire teaching staff because our son is delighted to be at Windward and truly enjoying summer school. His positive reaction and enthusiasm in attending The Windward Summer Program is a true testament to the teachers, administrators, teaching philosophy and the fantastic facilities. We are pleasantly surprised that our 13-year-old son is happily spending July at Windward. He has been raving about his teachers as well as their helpers."

Very Satisfied

“We were very satisfied with the Summer Program at Windward. My son would come home and share everything he was learning. 'Did you know who invented the potato chip, and how it was a accident!' It was a win-win; he was learning and having fun. Thank you Windward!”

Summarizes Everything

“My child said Windward summarizes everything he did during the academic year at school in 4 weeks and taught him skills to resolve questions that he never knew how to before.”

Happy Every Day

"Great experience. My daughter went happy every day and mentions she learnt a lot and found the classes very helpful. I am so glad we did this!"

Wonderful Experience

“My son had a wonderful experience in everything he was enrolled in. All the teachers were exceptional.”

I Will Definitely Recommend

“I will definitely recommend the program to friends and family. My daughter was excited and looked forward to attending the camp every morning. The teaching techniques used at the camp has made her more confident in math.”

Terrific Program

“Thank you so much for running a terrific program. My son really enjoyed the summer lessons and celebrating all the skills he had learned this year! It was all in all a very rewarding cooperative experience. … You really teach the kids to celebrate the learning and in doing so make them want to come to school to learn. This is top notch quality education. Ben Franklin and all the founders of our education would be thrilled to see the Windward staff in action!”

Academic Work and Socialization

“The Windward School Summer Program is an amazing experience because it enables children to engage in both academic work and socialization. My children greatly benefited from the work that they did in their reading and math classes each morning. They equally benefited from the experiences that they had in the afternoon. My daughter was in the sports' program and my son was in the technology class. Both were extremely positive experiences. My son made a brochure, a calendar, and a stop motion video in the technology class. My daughter engaged in a variety of sports each day. Both children arrived home from camp happy and fulfilled each day.”

Reinforces Skills

“Reinforces skills, provides scaffolding that other schools (esp progressive ones) skip, builds confidence!”

Continue the Momentum

“Thank you very much for creating and delivering such a wonderful program. We were very grateful for the opportunity for our daughter to continue the momentum she built this past year through the session in July. We know this involved creativity, resourcefulness and commitment on behalf of you and all of the teachers. We are so grateful for your time, energy and Windward's generosity in providing this program."

Would Recommend

"Yes, I would recommend this program. My son became more comfortable and confident with reading.”


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