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The Beacon is a biannual journal publication, published by The Windward Institute, for educators and parents of children with language-based learning disabilities.

Every issue of The Beacon will contain research papers by associates of The Windward Institute, thought pieces by Windward leaders, a Q&A series with inspirational leaders in the world of dyslexia, and stories of how Windward is closing the knowledge gap between proven research and current teaching practices. 

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The Masked Matthew Effect

The full scope of the developmental and academic effects for the multitude of students the pandemic has touched is rooted in historical educational inequality.

Scientifically Based Reading Programs: Caveat Emptor

Despite a solid understanding of what constitutes effective reading instruction, the difficulty of determining whether a reading program deserves the labels scientifically based or evidence-based persists. ​​​​​​​

An Inside Look at Read Alouds in the Classroom

Read alouds provide critical time for students to strengthen their comprehension abilities, answer inferential questions about nuanced characters and plot points, and learn new vocabulary words in context.

Why Reading Aloud Is Not Just for Early Readers

We never outgrow a shared read aloud, and all ages benefit. As children enter the tween years, we must renew our commitment to reading aloud and embrace innovative ways to breathe new life into a familiar habit.​​​​​​​