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The Beacon is a biannual journal publication, published by The Windward Institute, for educators and parents of children with language-based learning disabilities.

Every issue of The Beacon will contain research papers by associates of The Windward Institute, thought pieces by Windward leaders, a Q&A series with inspirational leaders in the world of dyslexia, and stories of how Windward is closing the knowledge gap between proven research and current teaching practices. 

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Margie Gillis: Expert and Advocate

Throughout her career, Dr. Gillis has steadfastly worked to improve reading education for all children, especially students with dyslexia, by targeting teacher preparation and professional development, shaping state policy, and broadening education and information about reading.

Mixed Deficits Point Toward Multicomponent Interventions

A recent study by Capin et al. sheds new light on the profiles of students with significant reading comprehension difficulties and casts a lantern’s glow on important considerations for reading interventions targeted toward these students. 

Symbiotic Schooling

The various circles within schools must link together with the support of administration and dedicate themselves to advocating for and building upon the foundational needs of not just the students but themselves, the teachers, and the families.

Requiem for Reading Recovery

Positive reviews of RR have been countered by an ever-increasing number of reports that are critical of RR and cast doubts on the claims that RR is effective and research based.

Inside the Institute

The Windward School, through the Windward Institute and its affiliation with the Haskins Global Literacy Hub, has played a significant role in the process of translating research findings into research-based and research-informed practices and programs for the benefit of its students and the larger educational community. 

Research Roundup

Winning in reading education means collectively recognizing the efforts already made and looking ahead toward fostering further collaboration to reach more children through a more equitable, scalable, and sustainable lens.  

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