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The Beacon is a biannual journal publication, published by The Windward Institute, for educators and parents of children with language-based learning disabilities.

Every issue of The Beacon will contain research papers by associates of The Windward Institute, thought pieces by Windward leaders, a Q&A series with inspirational leaders in the world of dyslexia, and stories of how Windward is closing the knowledge gap between proven research and current teaching practices. 

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The Role of Implicit Bias: Dyslexia Diagnosis and Race

Families of Black children with dyslexia share a narrative of educators blaming them and their students for academic difficulties when seeking a diagnosis, with the added layer of language rooted in historical and systemic racism.

Wyoming Educators Called to Disrupt the Status Quo

Dr. Russell was invited to speak by the Wyoming Department of Education and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to present on improving literacy rates in Wyoming through changes in pre-service programs and certification.

The Masked Matthew Effect

The full scope of the developmental and academic effects for the multitude of students the pandemic has touched is rooted in historical educational inequality.

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