Student Outplacement

Our Outplacement team works with families to find an appropriate educational match to ensure our students' continued academic success once they transition from Windward.

Students are assessed annually for progress, and recommendations are made for the following year. Following the recommendations of the Outplacement Office helps ensure your child's long-term academic success.

With firsthand knowledge of various mainstream school options, along with an understanding of a student’s learning profile and interests, the Directors work with families to develop a plan to transition back into mainstream settings. For approximately a year, the Outplacement Team assists parents, guardians, and students with applications, with managing testing requirements, and prepping students for school visits and interviews. The office manages the submission of all school records and recommendations required in the application process. Most importantly, the Directors advocate for our students to find the best match.

Hear From Our Directors

Diane Kissner
Director of Manhattan Outplacement

Tanya Ehrlich
Director of Westchester Outplacement

Students at Windward can expect

  • guidance with appropriate school selection.
  • interview preparation for independent schools.
  • support throughout the application process.
  • assistance with ISEE and JSAT8 admissions test registration.
  • advocating at schools.

98% of Windward students return to mainstream schools after it is determined they have completed the Windward academic program and are ready to return to a mainstream academic setting.

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding if it is time for a student to leave Windward, including

  • proficiency in decoding and fluency​.
  • literal and inferential comprehension of material.
  • ownership of writing and study skills strategies.
  • strong student skills.
  • ability to self-advocate​.

Windward students transition to leading mainstream independent and public schools.