Thank you for your interest in exploring employment opportunities at The Windward School.

In choosing potential faculty, Windward administrators look for candidates who possess strong language skills, a passion for working with children with learning disabilities, and the dedication necessary to becoming an outstanding teacher. A future Windward teacher must also have patience, a strong work ethic, an intellectual curiosity, and an appreciation for being part of an organization that transforms children’s lives. Successful applicants are willing to be engaged members of Windward’s professional development program.

Professional development at Windward begins before a teacher steps into a classroom and continues as long as a teacher remains on the faculty. The Windward staff development program has been cited as a national model by several world leaders in education. Weekly seminars, workshops, and presentations offered by consultants, faculty members, and nationally recognized educators support faculty in their professional growth and provide up-to-date research findings. The Windward Teacher Training Program offers an outstanding array of courses, workshops, and lectures that are available to all Windward faculty.

The School is committed to providing new faculty with additional meaningful opportunities for professional development. New faculty members are assigned a mentor teacher who serves as a resource and support throughout the training program. Weekly new teacher seminars explore various aspects of the school program. During the summer, an intensive week long staff development program is offered for first year faculty; this dynamic program gives participants the opportunity to work with colleagues, curriculum directors, and administrators to enhance their teaching skills. A coaching model serves to help all faculty members, but especially those new to the school, to be reflective of their teaching skills. The friendly, hard-working, and collegial Windward faculty provides a supportive professional environment in which all members are encouraged to develop into outstanding educators.

We hope that you see a challenging and exciting opportunity in the prospect of being part of the Windward professional family.

For a complete description of the Windward Teacher Training Program, please read The Making of a Windward Teacher, and to gain an idea of the impact that Windward teachers have on their students, please view our video of alumni testimonials .