The Windward School is the preeminent school for the remediation of language-based learning disabilities for students in Grades 1-9.

Through a multisensory, direct instruction curriculum, Windward helps students thrive academically, while enabling them to understand their learning styles, build confidence, and develop self-advocacy skills. The Windward School's vision is a world where every child with a language-based learning disability is empowered to achieve unlimited success

Windward currently employs more than 350 faculty and staff members across four divisions and three campuses, giving employees a small, tight-knit community at their campus while feeling part of a larger organization. Two Westchester campuses are located in White Plains, NY, and the Manhattan campus is located on the Upper East Side.

The Windward School also has two divisions that support its mission—Windward Teaching Training Program and The Windward Institute.

  • The renowned Windward Teacher Training Program recruits, hires, trains, mentors, and retains teachers at The Windward School. 
  • The Windward Institute offers professional development to all educators, forms partnerships with research and educational institutions, and advocates for students with language-based learning disabilities.

The Windward School truly transforms students' lives, and our faculty and staff all contribute daily to the School's mission. The friendly, hard-working, and collegial Windward community provides a supportive professional environment in which all members are encouraged to develop into outstanding education professionals. 

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