Featured Research Publications

Spring 2023

"A Cumulative Risk and Resilience Model of Dyslexia"     by Hugh W. Catts and Yaacov Petscher 

Fall 2022

"Understanding Dyslexia in the Context of Developmental Language Disorders"
by Suzanne Adlof and Tiffany Hogan

Spring 2022

"Brick by Brick: A Series of Landmark Studies Pointing to the Importance of Early Reading Intervention"
by Emily Solari, Colby Hall, and Anita McGinty

Fall 2021

"To Stem the Nation's Reading Crisis, Made Worse by COVID-19, Teachers, Districts & States Must Push Multiple Levers"
by Emily Solari, PhD

Spring 2021

"The Simple View of Reading: Advancements and False Impressions"
by Hugh W. Catts

Fall 2020

"When Kids Refuse to Go to School"
by Rachel Busman

Spring 2020

"Early Identification of Dyslexia: Current Advancements and Future Directions"
by Hugh Catts and Yaacov Petscher

Fall 2019

"The Neurobiology of Dyslexia"
by Devin Kearns, Roeland Hancock, Fumiko Hoeft, Kenneth Pugh, and Stephen Frost

Spring 2019

"Statistical Learning: A Powerful Mechanism That Operates By Mere Exposure"
by Richard Aslin

Manuscript Submissions for The Beacon Now Open!

Every issue of The Beacon contains research papers and thought pieces that align with our mission to increase childhood literacy rates by disrupting the educational status quo. We invite educators and practitioners to contribute to future publications with their insight on how we can close the knowledge gap between proven research and current teaching practices. 

Possible topics for consideration: 

  • Understanding language-based learning disabilities and reading disabilities
  • Early screening and identification
  • Supporting learners using evidence-based classroom interventions
  • Cultivating a sense of belonging to support diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Addressing disparities in special education
  • Identifying best practices of leadership for supporting teachers in their implementation of research-based instructional practices

Submissions may be sent to wi@thewindwardschool.org