Episode 52 - Translating Research for Scalable Implementation


Episode Summary

Join READ host Dr. Danielle Gomez as she offers a perspective on reading research from translation to implementation. She synthesizes key insights from READ guests in 2023, highlights current research from the broader community, and forecasts opportunities and challenges for the future of implementation of research in practice. In this episode, you will learn about

  • the benefits of translating research in education.
  • current frameworks that seek to broaden and deepen our understanding of reading development and difficulties through an equity lens.
  • insights on implementing and scaling reading reform.

This episode is timely as we look ahead to both the translation and implementation of reading research and reform to benefit all learners.

Top READ Bookmarks
Each episode, host Dr. Danielle Gomez identifies key takeaways or “READ bookmarks.”

The Benefits for Translating Research to Practice 
Listen to 2:26 to 6:10 to learn more. 

Translating research to practice helps practitioners expand and improve upon their 

  • Awareness  
  • Advocacy  
  • Accuracy  
  • Access  
  • Agency 

Expanding the Depth and Breadth of Reading Development 
Listen to 6:11 to 12:23.

Dr. Gomez highlights research frameworks and approaches that seek to deepen and broaden our understanding of reading development and difficulty.  

“Integrated approaches and frameworks to reading development are starting conversations in science that bring context to the forefront.” 

We connect back to episode 41 with Dr. Lakeisha Johnson who discusses these integrated approaches. Listen here: An Integrated Approach to Supporting all Readers.

Dr. Yaacov Petscher explains the application of whole child approaches to reading in episode 47. Listen here: Exploring Whole Child Approaches to Reading.

Coherence and Reading Instruction 
Listen to 12:23 – 17:44 to learn more. 

While current discourse around the Science of Reading investigates skills that contribute to reading development, there is one factor that should be pushed into the forefront: 

Instructional Coherence  

Coherence plays a critical role in integrated skills and strategies, particularly for reading comprehension. Several READ conversations highlighted coherence including 

“Language transcends every curriculum, every content area, every academic and social interaction that a student has. Oral language must be considered at the forefront for instruction within an integrated instructional approach.” 

Insights for Scaling Reading Reform 
Listen to 17:54 – 21:44 to learn more. 

Dr. Gomez discusses implications for implementation of scalable reading reform, drawing insights through an interdisciplinary lens. 

“Effective educational reform meets the needs of people seeking to implement solutions to problems.” 

She cites ideas presented by Cohen and Mehta (2017), in which they explain characteristics of effective reading: 

  • Addressed the needs of stakeholders seeking to implement solutions to problems 
  • Illuminated the problems of practice in context using needs assessments and data 
  • Met political, social, economic demands and circumstances 
  • Provided educational tools, materials, and guidance for implementation and capacity building 
  • Aligned with the values of stakeholders.  

Read Cohen and Mehta’s (2017) paper, “Why Reform Sometimes Succeeds: Understanding the Conditions that Produce Reforms that Last.” 


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