Episode 53 - Systematic Approaches to Translating Reading Research with Neena Saha, PhD

About Dr. Neena Saha

Neena began her career in education as a classroom teacher for children with exceptional needs. She received her Master’s degree in Educational Neuroscience from Columbia University and her PhD in Special Education from Vanderbilt’s Peabody College. Dr. Saha’s doctoral work resulted in a patent. While at Elemeno®, she started the Reading Research Recap, a newsletter aimed at translating recent research into useful information for teachers. Elemeno® was acquired by MetaMetrics in 2021 and joined their team to help build out their early literacy products, tools and services. Neena left MetaMetrics full-time (she still consults) in 2023 to explore better ways of translating research at scale. 

Episode Summary

Neena Saha, PhD, joins READ for an illuminating and entrepreneurial discussion about translating research to practice. In this episode, Dr. Saha offers insights on  

  • shifting how educators interface with research through an entrepreneurial lens. 
  • integrating and broadening the role of technology in sharing research. 
  • developing a systematic and explicit approach to the translation of research to practice. 

Dr. Saha discusses opportunities and challenges for disseminating research more effectively and efficiently to teachers in all classrooms. 

Top READ Bookmarks
Each episode, host Dr. Danielle Gomez identifies key takeaways or “READ bookmarks.”

1. What we can learn from other fields about research translation?

Dr. Saha cites examples from other industries that illustrate effective research translation as well as product design. 

In medicine, she explains the systems that exist for research dissemination and training to ensure doctors are current with evidence on health.  

I think there's many ways to translate research to practice. Building products or tools is one of them. 

She offers insights from innovation in technology on leveraging user interfaces and products to share information. 

2. Systems Implications Translation of Research to Practice 

Dr. Saha calls for a systematic approach to translating research to practice by 

  • Ensuring translation is systematic, explicit, cumulative, and scalable. 
  • Encouraging further interdisciplinary production and consumption of research.
  • Maintaining dissemination of current research.
  • Fostering greater partnership and conversational work between educators and research.

We don't have a systematic way of approaching the classroom implications in research studies. 

3. Leveraging Entrepreneurship in Education 

Dr. Saha discusses the opportunity for technology and innovation to broaden the way we interface with research and encourages an intentional, evidence-based approach.  


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