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Episode #58: Leadership as a Lifelong Journey with NCLD CEO Jacqueline Rodriguez, PhD

Episode #57: Effective Writing Instruction with Dr. Steve Graham

Episode #56: Nature, Nurture, and Reading Development with Sara Hart, PhD

Episode #55: Leadership and School Reform with Sarah Woulfin, PhD

Episode #54: A Window into Reading Research: From Kindergarten to Adolescence with Colby Hall, PhD

Episode #53: Systematic Approaches to Translating Reading Research with Neena Saha, PhD

Episode #52: Translating Research for Scalable Implementation

Episode #51: Evidence-based Practices for Reading Comprehension with Amy Elleman, PhD

Episode #50: How to… Integrate Background Knowledge and Writing into Reading Instruction with Sonia Cabell, PhD

Episode #49: Networking for Impact in Education with Cheryl Cook

Episode #48: Structured, Integrated, Inclusive: Reading Instruction for English Learners with Elsa Cárdenas-Hagan, EdD

Episode #47: Exploring Whole Child Approaches to Reading with Yaacov Petscher, PhD

Episode #46: Reaching more Readers, Training more Teachers with Katie Pace Miles, PhD

Episode #45: The Role of Background Knowledge and Literacy in the Community with Susan Neuman, EdD

Episode #44: The ABCs of Early Literacy Learning and Teacher Knowledge with Shayne Piasta, PhD

Episode #43: LEAD on READ: Lakeisha Johnson, PhD, on The Village and Community Impact

Episode #42: "Bringing Words to Life": Vocabulary in the Classroom with Margaret McKeown, PhD

Episode #41: An Integrated Approach to Supporting All Readers with Lakeisha Johnson, PhD

Episode #40: LEAD on READ: Kristen Wynn and Literacy Leadership in Mississippi

Episode #39: LEAD on READ: What does it mean to be a leader in education right now?

Episode #38: DLD, Language, and Systemic Change in Reading – Dr. Tiffany Hogan Returns!

Episode #37: Word Reading Instruction and Support for Struggling Readers with Katie Pace Miles, PhD

Episode #36: Mental Health, Self-care, and Back-to-School Wellness with Dave Anderson, PhD

Episode #35: A Guide to Talking with Children with Rebecca Rolland, EdD

Episode #34: What every educator and family should know about reading with Carolyn Strom, PhD

Episode #33: Base Systems Needed for Change in Reading Education with Tim Odegard, PhD

Episode #32: Language and Reading Comprehension with Mindy Bridges, PhD, CCC-SLP

Episode #31: From Translation to Implementation with Nicole Patton Terry, PhD

Episode #30: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teacher Growth Matthew Kraft, PhD

Episode #29: The Power of Language and Learning with Lydia Soifer, PhD

Episode #28: Curriculum, Consistency, and Coherence of Reading Instruction with Louise Spear-Swerling, PhD

Episode #27: READ in Review 2021

Episode #26: The Language of Math with Paul Riccomini, PhD

Episode #25: The Intersectionality of Race and Dyslexia with Resha Conroy

Episode #24: Beyond the NAEP: Mississippi’s Literacy Growth with Kristen Wynn

Episode #23: The Neuroscience of Resilience and Dyslexia with  Fumiko Hoeft, M.D., Ph.D.

Episode #22: Global Literacy, Digital Reading, and Social Justice with Maryanne Wolf, PhD

Episode #21: The Beauty and Science of the Reading Brain with Maryanne Wolf, PhD

Episode #20: Translating Reading Practices, Transforming Education Policy with Emily Solari, PhD

Episode #20 Summary

The guest for this episode, Emily Solari, PhD, is a leader in academia and reading research as well as a true disruptor. We tackle the big question that is saturating current public and education discourse: How do we change reading achievement in this country? Dr. Solari offers her expertise on applying evidence-based instruction across school settings and addresses why our education system needs to enact simultaneous change in all policy areas to advance literacy outcomes for all students. She operationalizes key terms such as the Science of Reading (SoR), evidence-based instruction, and intervention. Citing her research and experience in school settings, she emphasizes the importance of making research and curriculum efficient, feasible, and effective for teachers and discusses the benefits of translational science. At the end of the conversation, Dr. Solari and Danielle talk more about advocating for the advancement of women in science. This conversation speaks to Dr. Solari’s impact and her continued call to action to implement change across the system of education.

Episode #19: Inclusive Language Instruction with Indigo Young, MS CCC-SLP

Episode #18: Early Identification and Intervention of Reading Disabilities with Hugh Catts, PhD

Episode #17: Science at Scale: Using Research and Social Entrepreneurship to Improve Literacy Outcomes

Episode #16: Literacy as a Vehicle for Social Justice with Molly Ness, PhD

Episode #15: Special Education 101: Navigating The IEP Process

Episode #14: Special Education 101: The Law and Protections for Students with Disabilities

Episode #13: The Power of Oversight on Policy and Education with Kate Walsh

Episode #12: Bonus Episode: Literacy in a Pandemic with Ken Pugh, PhD


Episode #11: Using Science to Decode the Literacy Crisis with Ken Pugh, PhD


Episode #10: Executive Functioning, Resilience, and Back to Basics Parenting with Mark Bertin, MD

Episode #9: Navigating The Linguistic Landscape: A Path To Equity & Access with Dr. Julie Washington & Jamie Williamson

Episode #8: Translating Literary Research and Empowering Teachers with Margie Gillis, EdD

Episode #7: Inside the Institute with John J. Russell, EdD

Episode #6: "See Her Speak": A DLD Discussion with Tiffany Hogan, PhD, CCC-SLP

Episode #5: Back to the Classroom with Devin Kearns, PhD

Episode #4: Supporting Our Children's Well-being and Learning During COVID-19 with Rachel Busman, PsyD

Episode #3: In-School Neuro-Superheroes with Nicole Landi, PhD

Episode #2: Leading with Values with Jamie Williamson

Episode #1: Real Talk About Baby Talk with Richard Aslin, PhD

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