Episode 39 - LEAD on READ: What does it mean to be a leader in education right now?

Episode Summary

This episode of the READ Podcast is a preview to a special, four-part series called LEAD on READ, co-hosted by READ host Danielle Scorrano and The Windward School’s Head of School and Executive Director of The Windward Institute, Jamie Williamson. 

LEAD on READ explores the central question: What does it mean to be a leader in education right now? In this introduction episode, Jamie and Danielle outline the “why” behind this series and discuss key questions on every leader’s mind. A new episode will be released quarterly in 2023. Tune in with Jamie and Danielle as they interview leaders navigating change and sparking innovation in education.

About LEAD on READ:

LEAD on READ, a special four-part series on the READ Podcast focused on leadership in education, is co-hosted by READ host and The Windward Institute’s Research and Development Director, Danielle Scorrano, and Windward’s Head of School and Executive Director of The WI, Jamie Williamson. 

Episodes focus on topics relevant to school change that are on every leader’s mind:

  • Equity 
  • Results-driven leadership 
  • Implementation Science 
  • Community Building among Stakeholders 
  • Change Initiative Buy In 
  • Social and Emotional Wellness in a Changing Landscape 

A new episode will be released quarterly in 2023, beginning in January. The first episode will feature Kristen Wynn, Mississippi’s State Literacy Director.

Have an idea for a leader who should be featured on LEAD on READ? Email us at info@readpodcast.org

Top READ Bookmarks
Each episode, host Danielle Scorrano identifies key takeaways or “READ bookmarks.”

Join co-hosts Danielle Scorrano and Jamie Williamson as they explore the question: "What does it mean to be a leader right now?"

“The idea of making change on a big scale is complex, and I don’t think systems feel empowered sometimes.”
- Jamie Williamson

In this episode, Danielle and Jamie explore questions and issues related to leadership:

  • Navigating ambiguity
  • Addressing and integrating the tensions brought by paradoxes and polarities
  • Emphasizing responsibility over power in leadership roles
  • Approaching change through systems level thinking
  • Framing stakeholder and community buy-in through an equity lens

"Grave inequities continue to exist, and the data shows it. It is one thing to bring scalable, innovative ideas to the forefront, but more importantly, we need consider how these changes are impacting the students that need it the most."
- Danielle Scorrano

We are currently learning from the following resources:

Delivering on the Science of Reading For All Children
Nicole Patton Terry (2021)
The Reading Teacher, 75(1), p. 83-90

What it Takes to Win in the Arena of Reading Education
Danielle Scorrano (2022)
The Windward Institute’s The Beacon, Fall 2022

Learn more about leadership from past READ guests:

Episode 2 - Leading with Values with Jamie WilliamsonEpisode 31 - From Translation to Implementation with Nicole Patton Terry, PhD

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