READ Podcast


The Windward Institute's Research Education Advocacy Podcast 

Host Danielle Scorrano interviews prominent researchers, thought leaders and practitioners in education and child development.

Listen to Episode #2: Leading with Values with Jamie Williamson 

With a new episode each month, READ Podcast offers insights in Research, Education and Advocacy by

  • applying research in practice across educational contexts
  • connecting with prominent researchers and thought leaders in education
  • discussing important advocacy issues related to supporting students with language-based learning disabilities and all learners

Podcast Platforms for READ Podcast

We explore topics related to

  • language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia 
  • educational neuroscience 
  • the development of the reading brain 
  • language and literacy 
  • best teaching practices 
  • teacher preparation and professional development 
  • child development 
  • trends in the education, research, and advocacy communities 
  • parenting 
  • pioneering work conducted by Windward 

READ Podcast is produced by The Windward School and The Windward Institute. READ is hosted by Danielle Scorrano and produced by Anthony Sylvester.

About READ: READ, the Research Education ADvocacy Podcast connects you with prominent researchers, thought leaders, and educators who share their work, insights, and expertise about current research and best practices in fields of education and child development.
Note: All information and insights shared demonstrate the expertise and views of our guests.