The Windward Institute Announces Advisory Board First Official Presentation

The Windward Institute establishes Advisory Board of literacy education researchers and advocates to inform Windward’s research-based program.

Members of The Windward Institute’s recently established Advisory Board presented to The Windward School’s academic and leadership teams on April 19, 2023. The Advisory Board is a group of researchers and advocates who have agreed to share their expertise and advise The Windward School and Institute on research, emerging science, and the merit of technologies and practices that have the potential to inform Windward’s research-based program.

This esteemed group includes Robert Carroll, JD; Fumiko Hoeft, MD, PhD; Lori Holt, PhD; Devin Kearns, PhD; Nicole Landi, PhD; Amy Margolis, PhD; Yaacov Petscher, PhD; Paul Riccomini, PhD; and Meghan Tomb, PhD.

The day’s presentations included:

  • Support Retention of Essential Mathematical Concepts and Skills through High Intensity Instructional Techniques by Paul Riccomini, PhD, Penn State University
  • Nonverbal Learning Disability and Developmental Visual Spatial Disorder: Phenomenology, Prevalence, Neurobiology, and Treatment by Amy Margolis, PhD, Columbia University
  • The Promise Clinic and A Community-Based Approach to Supporting Children with Learning Disabilities: From Clinical Practice to Research by Meghan Tomb, PhD, Columbia University
  • Words to the World: The Psychological Processes that Turn Ink into Idea by Devin Kearns, PhD, University of Connecticut.