Read The Beacon Spring 2022 Issue

Read more about the Science of Reading, how school leaders and teachers can leverage effective language practices to support students, insights into the legalities of special education, and more.

As readers will see in this issue of The Beacon, screening at entrance to school, early intervention, and research-based teacher training are essential to support children who struggle with reading. 

The Beacon Spring 2022 cites ample evidence in the research that supports the practice of early intervention to reduce or even eliminate reading difficulties. The partnership between screening and early intervention will not only identify children who are at risk for reading failure but also establish better markers of reading progress for all students. The articles included in the issue also demonstrate how following the Science of Reading will better serve educators in supporting children in their reading development. 

Feature stories inside The Beacon Spring 2022 include:

  • Featured Research Publication - "Brick by Brick: A Series of Landmark Studies Pointing to the Importance of Early Intervention" by Emily Solari, Colby Hall, and Anita McGinty
  • Head Lines - "Building a Structure for Literacy Part I: Pairing a Solid Core Reading Program with Reliable Screening Measures" by Jamie Williamson, EdS, Head of The Windward School
  • Turning the Tide - "Science of Reading Smugglers" by Annie Stutzman, MS, Associate Director of The Windward Institute
  • Intersecting Research with Classroom Practice - "The Beauty and Power of Language: A Reflection on the Research" by Danielle Scorrano, MPS, Research & Development Director of The Windward Institute
  • Q&A with Inspiring Leaders in the World of Dyslexia - Regina Skyer, Special Education Lawyer
  • Inside the Institute - "Speaking Truth to Power: One Hour with the New York Commissioner of Education and the Chancellor of the Board of Regents" by John J. Russell, EdD, Special Projects Advisor at The Windward Institute