Windward/Haskins Neuroscience P.L.O.W. Study Resumes In-Person

Volunteer students from each campus of The Windward School participated in the Windward/Haskins Collaborative Project, Predicting Literacy Outcomes at The Windward School (P.L.O.W.).

These students took an active role in contributing to educational neuroscience research by completing reading and reading-related skill-based activities through behavioral assessments and electroencephalography (EEG) neuroimaging, a non-invasive brain-imaging technology. 

One of the goals of P.L.O.W. is for researchers to work with the Windward community to gain a better understanding of which instructional strategies work best for which students. Windward’s participation in this ground-breaking study has the potential to improve language and literacy outcomes for all children at-risk for reading difficulties. 

The Windward/Haskins research team looks forward to sharing updates on the study as more data is collected and analyzed. Read more about the study's progress