Grit, resilience, and well-being: The interplay between systems and self

Jon Rosenshine, Associate Head of School of The Windward School, and Danielle Scorrano, Research and Development Director of The Windward Institute, presented the workshop titled Grit and Resilience: The Interplay Between Systems and Self to a packed room with over 200 educators from independent schools across the world at the 2023 National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) annual conference.

In addition, Danielle and Jon were keynote presenters at the two-day CSEE Deans of School Summit which examined grit, resilience, and well-being within a systems framework with insights and strategies to cultivate community supports and resources, as well as tools to build proactive beliefs and practices for students and faculty to flourish.   

Understanding grit, resilience, and well-being through a systems lens enables educators to proactively create environments, structures, and practices to support children through a whole child approach. Examining ecological and environmental factors that influence child development as well as equity, inclusion, and belonging must be priorities, and school communities must intentionally:

  • incorporate structures to build healthy, trusting relationships,
  • create opportunities for students to exercise their sense of purpose, and
  • develop consistent practices to manage stress including mindset, positivity, and self-compassion.