GraphoGame for Windward Students in Grades 1 & 2

As a supplement to The Windward School’s virtual classrooms, Windward families will soon be able to have free access to the English version of GraphoGame, an online learning program for  students in grades 1 to 3, developed at The University of Jyväskylä in Finland which, along with Windward, is a fellow member of the Haskins Global Literacy Hub. 

GraphoGame is an evidence-based learning game that helps children in grades 1 and 2 to learn and practice skills that are essential to becoming proficient readers. While not the equivalent of being taught to read by a highly qualified Windward teacher, research has shown GraphoGame to be effective in improving children´s literacy skills, and the game can complement the instruction that Windward is providing in its virtual classrooms.

More details will be provided in the next WI Newsletter.

Photo credit: Dr. Ken Pugh