Advancing Translational Science in the Classroom Free Roundtable Webinar on May 26, 2021, from 6-7 p.m. Register at www.thewi

White Plains, N.Y.–To further the understanding of the Science of Reading (SoR) and empower educators and researchers to work collaboratively to promote reading achievement for all students, The Windward Institute is launching its Summer 2021 webinars on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. ET, with Nadine Gaab, Ph.D.Yaacov Petscher, Ph.D.Emily Solari, Ph.D., and Nicole Patton Terry, Ph.D. The one-hour virtual event on Advancing Translational Science in the Classroom will be moderated by Jamie Williamson, Ed.S., Head of The Windward School and Director of The Windward Institute.  

In this roundtable, an interdisciplinary panel of researchers will outline a framework for advancing translational science in research and school settings to: 

  • Further the understanding of the Science of Reading (SoR) and evidence-based reading instruction as it applies across educational contexts. 
  • Integrate effective practices and instructional pedagogy to support all learners with a focus on students with reading difficulties and diagnosed disabilities.
  • Empower educators and researchers to work collaboratively toward promoting reading achievement for all students. 

Organized by The Windward Institute, a division of The Windward School, this webinar provides an interactive platform to discuss the September 2020 publication of Translational Science: A Road Map for the Science of Reading, and it is designed to bring educators and researchers together to promote achievement for all students. Attendees will leave the roundtable with actionable, effective practices and pedagogy to support all learners as well as insight into the Science of Reading and evidence-based reading instruction. 

The roundtable is free to attend, and registration is available here

About The Windward Institute 

The Windward Institute (WI) is a division of and serves The Windward School and the broader educational community by: 

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