Advancing Translational Science in the Classroom

On May 26, 2021, The Windward Institute hosted a research roundtable, Advancing Translational Science in the Classroom. In a conversation moderated by Jamie Williamson, EdS, Head of The Windward School and Director of The Windward Institute, education experts Nadine Gaab, PhDYaacov Petscher, PhDEmily Solari, PhD, and Nicole Patton Terry, PhD, outlined a framework for advancing translational science in research and school settings.


If you missed the roundtable, view the recording here:

Key Takeaways from Advancing Translational Science in the Classroom:


1. The “Team” Approach of Translational Science

Translational science provides a framework for implementing the Science of Reading in schools. Translational Science involves a more collaborative, dynamic approach for scientists from distinct disciplines to work in teams with the goal to expand an evidence-based understanding and application of effective reading instruction in school contexts and across diverse populations.

2. Battling the barriers to communicating the Science of Reading in Schools

Many scientists in different disciplines need to navigate the challenges that arise from pursuing a narrow scope of research. During the webinar, the researchers called to move from a top-down approach to researching reading toward a more integrated, collaborative approach as well as a greater investment in directly working with educators in research initiatives to reach classrooms.

3. Creating a pipeline for success between the lab and classroom

By reshaping the conversation toward a more collaborative approach between scientists and schools, the panelists discussed the potential for research institutions, disciplines, and departments to broaden the ways researchers build their skill competencies and capacities, with a goal of promoting mutual and bidirectional understanding between the labs and classrooms.