Early Childhood Educator Seminars

Maximizing the Power of Early Childhood Teachers to Promote Future Reading Success

A Free Seminar Series for Early Childhood Educators hosted by The Windward Institute

Early childhood teachers can play a critical role in maximizing the potential future success of all students and especially students who are struggling readers. Various studies have documented that as many as 70% of the students who are below average readers in first grade are still below average readers in 8th grade. However, when children are recognized in preschool and kindergarten as potentially struggling readers and receive appropriate interventions, the majority of them reach the average range of reading ability.

Knowledgeable early childhood teachers are uniquely positioned to identify the telltale signs that are accurate predictors of future reading problems such as dyslexia, and can help to prevent the cascading, debilitating effects of not learning to read. The Windward Institute (WI) has designed a seminar series to provide early childhood educators with the knowledge and practical tools necessary to achieve these goals.

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