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The Power of Precision: Summarization for Middle School Students

Dates: Wednesday, February 28
Time: 4:30 – 6:30 p.m ET
Instructor: Danielle Gomez, EdD, and Nikki Hertz, MS 
Recommended Participants: Administrators, Educators
Grades: 5-8
Price: $120 

Why this course:

Summarization is a complex skill, which becomes increasingly challenging in the middle school years. Strategy instruction related to summarization and main idea benefits all students and can be especially helpful for students with weak comprehension. Summarization helps readers discern main ideas and salient details, and it boosts retention of information. It is one of the four writing activities identified as being the most effective in a meta-analysis that studied the impact of writing on reading (Graham & Hebert, 2010).  Learn to teach summarization through a gradual release of responsibility model and scaffolds that provide frameworks and routines to facilitate increased independence. 

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Identify types of summaries and steps involved in summarization  
  • Learn to use questioning strategies to elicit summaries of narrative and expository texts  
  • Utilize story grammar frames, expository graphic organizers, and outlines to facilitate summarization of longer texts 
  • Develop gist statements for varied text types and summary sentences for classroom notes   
  • Gain actionable strategies and resources that can be used in ELA, social studies, and science
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