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  • Social and Cognitive Skills
Strengthening Executive Function Skills to Promote Social Skill Development

Dates: Tuesday, November 28
Time: 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. ET
Instructor: Jackie Britt-Friedman, PsyD  
Recommended Participants: Administrators, Educators, Parents/Guardians
Price: $90

Why this course:

Executive function skills play a key role in the development and maintenance of healthy peer interactions and relationships. These skills enable us to plan, monitor and direct attention and behavior, and shift as necessary in situations. Some children need more support than in using this complex set of processes and can encounter more complications with classroom dynamics and/or one-on-on relationships. This workshop focuses on the critical EF skills required for social development, such as recognizing and regulating emotions, controlling inhibition, and thinking flexibly, which helps individuals navigate peer interactions successfully. Educators, specialists, and parents/guardians will learn strategies and techniques to support executive functioning as it pertains to social and emotional development both in the classroom and at home.  

Key Learning Objectives:

 Build self-awareness 

  • Establish goal setting and reflection practices
  • Develop techniques for impulse control  
  • Facilitate active listening and turn taking  
  • Understand pragmatic language skills and the dynamics of social discourse  
  • Promote empathy and perspective taking  
  • Identify methods for problem-solving and coping strategies  
  • Fall Course
  • WI Virtual