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Powerful Math Strategies to Increase Retention

Date: Thursday, July 27, 2023
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Instructor: Paul Riccomini, PhD
Audience Code: A/E
Price: $225

Why this workshop:

Building student retention of mathematical concepts and procedures promotes math proficiency over time. Effective retention empowers students to strengthen existing skills and advance through increasingly complex material. Specific, evidence-based instructional strategies and practice activities geared toward retention have shown to powerfully impact daily and long-term math success.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn backward design planning for daily lessons
  • Understand how to sequence and chunk new skills
  • Use varied methods for repeated exposure to promote synthesis and recall
  • Practice retention strategies using a range of collaborative and independent activities and resources


Testimonial: I found it helpful to see examples of how the strategies can be incorporated into my daily math lessons. I liked that multiple techniques were addressed and appreciated that ideas for various grade levels were given.

·       Classroom teacher

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