• Math Skills
Powerful Math Instructional Strategies: Increasing Retention and Fluency - Virtual

Dates: Monday & Tuesday, July 20 & 21
Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location: Virtual
Instructor: Paul J. Riccomini, PhD
Code: MATHRET-S201
Fee: $315

Without the use of effective practice activities, what we teach is at worse forgotten, or at best, fragmented and poorly organized.  While a number of cognitive scientists, educators, and educational psychologists are aware of effective practice strategies, this information has not consistently “trickled down” to the classroom level. Teaching new content is a major responsibility of teachers at all levels and all subject areas, but also supporting students’ retention is equally important. In this session you will learn three powerful yet simple instructional strategies that can significantly boost your students’ long-term retention of important content. In addition to retention, developing fluency with certain skills is an important aspect with mathematical proficiency.  In this two-session workshop, you will learn specific research-based strategies and instructional practices to promote more effective learning in the areas of computational and procedural fluency.


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