Ways to Give

Cash or Check

The easiest way to donate to Windward is to write a check made out to The Windward School.

Checks can be mailed to:
Office of Development
The Windward School
40 West Red Oak Lane
White Plains, NY 10604


The Windward School accepts gifts through its account on Venmo. Visit https://venmo.com/TheWindward-School to give.

Credit Cards

You may use your AMEX, Visa, or MasterCard to make a gift online by clicking here, or you may contact Christelle Bidwell at 914-949-6968 ext. 2281 to give your credit card over the phone.


An attractive way for donors to contribute is through gifts of appreciated securities. Giving long-term appreciated securities offers a tax saving benefit in that you avoid paying any capital gains tax on the increase in value of your security. It is important to note that to receive the tax benefit, the donor should not personally sell the security, but transfer it directly to Windward’s account for the School to sell.

For example,

  • You purchase 10 shares of ABC at $20 for a total value of $200.
  • The ABC share price increases to $100, bringing the total value of your investment to $1,000.
  • If you sell the shares and donate the $1,000 to Windward, you will receive a deduction for the gift but will also have to pay capital gains tax on the $800 increase of the investment.
  • On the other hand, if you donate the 10 shares of ABC directly to Windward, you receive the same $1,000 deduction but will not ever have to pay the capital gains tax.


Instructions for stock transfers:
Account Name: Windward School at Fidelity
Account Number: Z07133280
DTC Number: 0226
Federal Tax ID: 13-1740499

It is the School’s policy to sell all stock donations immediately upon receipt. Therefore, prompt notification of a stock gift is critical. Please be sure to call Barb Drayer, Director of Development, at (914) 949-6968 ext. 2280, with the information regarding the name and number of shares sent.

Matching Gifts

Many employers offer matching gift programs that will increase the value of a donor's gift. Contact your human resources office to obtain the necessary paperwork or information and send to The Windward School, 40 West Road Oak Lane, White Plains, NY 10604, Attn: Development Office, or development@thewindwardschool.org

To see if your company offers a matching gift program, please visit here.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving involves estate planning, and gifts can include annuities, trusts, bequests, and real property. If structured well, a planned gift can have financial benefits for the donor as well as the School. These gifts can help minimize income and estate taxes, provide for one or more beneficiaries with income for a period of time, reduce capital gains taxes, and more effectively distribute estate assets. The most commonly used method of making a planned gift is a bequest, which can easily be done by contacting your attorney. Typically a donor will leave a specified dollar amount or a percentage of their estate to the School. For more information about planned giving options, please contact Barb Drayer, Director of Development, at (914) 949-6968 ext. 2280.

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