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Social Studies Program

The Social Studies Program integrates content, concepts, and skill WMS SSlearning within small, heterogeneous groups through a structured, developmental course of study.  Students gain social studies knowledge through multisensory direct instruction.  The primary purpose of the program is to teach students a wide range of skills that will enable them to become confident, informed citizens who will succeed in a mainstream educational setting. 

Embedded within each unit of study are the five strands of social studies: geography, government, economics, history, and culture. 

  • Grades 1 & 2 study characteristics of rural, urban and suburban communities, and varied community groups.
  • Grade 3 classes study the seven continents and major countries such as the United States, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Italy, China and Australia.
  • Grade 4 focuses on American history through the lens of New York State.
  • Grade 5 classes study American history from the Early Colonial Period through the Civil War.
  • Grade 6 focuses on Ancient Civilizations, World Religions and the Middle Ages.
  • Grade 7 classes study American history from Jamestown through the Civil War.
  • Grade 8 classes study American history from the post Civil War Era to the modern day.
  • Grade 9 is the first year of a two year New York State Regents course in Global History and Geography covering Ancient Civilizations to the Middle Ages.

Lessons serve both content goals as well as providing a vehicle for the application of Social Studies skills.  Students are nurtured to become responsible citizens and contributors to our democratic society.




Westchester Lower School      13 Windward Avenue 
                                                White Plains, NY 10605
Westchester Middle School      40 West Red Oak Lane 
                                                White Plains, NY 10604
Manhattan Lower and               212 East 93rd Street 
Middle Schools                         New York, NY 10128