Message from the Director of WTTI

Dr. Louisa Moats, one of the nation's top researchers in learning disabilities, states in her article "The Missing Foundation in Teacher Education:"

"Until we recognize that teachers do not naturally acquire the kind of expertise in language structure that is required of them for remediating and preventing reading problems, we will neglect to provide the necessary training."

Annals of Dyslexia, Volume 44, 1994, with permission of International Dyslexia Association, Inc.


Sandra Schwarz

The Windward Teacher Training Institute (WTTI), founded in 1988, is dedicated to providing the type of training that will enable professionals to have the expertise needed to teach children of all abilities in both mainstream and remedial classrooms.  We offer professional development based on the most current, scientifically validated research in child development, learning theory, and pedagogy.  Our courses, workshops, and lectures translate this research into practical classroom applications.

The WTTI offers courses and workshops year round for regular and special education teachers, administrators, speech pathologists, psychologists, and parents.  All WTTI courses are offered for graduate credit and can be used toward professional development hours.  As part of our community outreach program, a reading practicum is offered in conjunction with local colleges and school districts.  Every year, the WTTI hosts a lecture series, presented by internationally recognized experts in the field of language and reading research.  A large professional library, parent and community outreach programs, and school consulting services are also provided by WTTI.  By offering such quality programs, the WTTI has grown into a nationally recognized training center with over 1500 professionals attending our programs each year.

The Windward Teacher Training Institute is committed to offering the type of instruction that will provide educators with the comprehensive knowledge they need to be effective teachers.  I encourage you to take advantage of the resources the Windward Teacher Training Institute offers.

Sandra Schwarz
Windward Teacher Training Institute