Instructors & Presenters

Judith C. Hochman, EdD G. Emerson Dickman JD Eileen Perlman, MS
Phyllis Bertin, MS Laura Dreyer, MS Ed Jon Rosenshine, MEd
David Anderson, PhD Betsy M. Duffy, MS Ed Victoria Scarinci, MS
Laura Bellizzi, MS Ed Jill Fedele, MSE Danielle Scorrano, MPS
Mark Bertin, MD Patricia Gay, MA Amanda Singleton, MS Ed
Ronnie Berish, MS Sarah Golden, MS Ed Lydia H. Soifer, PhD
Laura Bottari, MS Ed Keri Levine, MS Ann Spataro, MS
Rachel Busman, PsyD Anne Margolis, LCSW Lori Squillante, MS
Timothy Caccopola, MS Danielle Patalano, MS Alan B. Wachtel, MD


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Judith Hochman

Judith C. Hochman, EdD

Dr. Judith C. Hochman, is the former Superintendent of the Greenburgh Graham Union Free School District in Hastings on Hudson, New York and former Head of The Windward School in White Plains, New York.  She is the founder and senior faculty member of the Windward Teacher Training Institute.

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Phyllis Bertin, MS

Phyllis Bertin, M.S., a noted lecturer, teacher trainer and school consultant, is the Director of Reading at Windward Teacher Training Institute.

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David Anderson, PhD

David Anderson, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and the Senior Director of the ADHD and Behavior Disorders Center at the Child Mind Institute. He is devoted to ensuring that patients and their families receive innovative, evidence-based care, and he has expertise in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), behavioral parent training, school consultation and teacher training. 

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Laura Bellizzi, MS Ed

Ms. Bellizzi has been a classroom teacher at The Windward School since 2011. She received her B.A. in Social Studies Education from the University of Delaware and her M.S.Ed. in Special Education from Pace University.

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Mark Bertin, MD

Dr. Mark Bertin, a board certified developmental behavioral pediatrician, studied at the UCLA School of Medicine and completed his training in general pediatrics at Oakland Children's Hospital in California. 

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Ronnie Berish, MS

Ronnie Berish, M.S., certified in both elementary and special education, has been teaching reading and training staff at The Windward School for more than thirty years.

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Laura Bottari, MS Ed

Ms. Bottari has worked at The Windward School since 2009 as a middle school math teacher and math curriculum developer. In addition, she has presented direct instruction and classroom management strategies to Windward teachers. 

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Rachel Busman, PsyD

Dr. Rachel Busman is Co-Director of the Selective Mutism Program, Anxiety and Mood Disorders Center at the Child Mind Institute.

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Timothy Caccopola, MS

Mr. Caccopola has taught social studies and study skills for nine years at The Windward School.  In addition, he is an instructor at The Windward School’s summer program and the Saturday study skills course for high school students.

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G. Emerson Dickman, JD

Emerson Dickman is an attorney who, for over thirty years, has specialized in the representation of children with disabilities.

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Laura Dreyer, MS Ed

Ms. Dreyer, MS Ed has been a classroom teacher at The Windward School since 2007. She received her undergraduate degree in sociology and francophone culture studies at Hobart and William Smith Colleges before completing her masters in literacy at Long Island University

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Betsy M. Duffy, MS Ed

Betsy M. Duffy, MS Ed, is the Director of Language Arts at The Windward School and former Director of Curriculum and Instruction at The Graham School in Hastings, New York. 

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Jill Fedele, MSE

Ms. Fedele is currently the Coordinator of Middle School Language Arts at The Windward School.  She has worked for over 15 years at The Windward School as a Director of Reading and a classroom teacher.

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Patricia A. Gay, MA

Mrs. Gay has been a classroom teacher at The Windward School since 1998. She received her M.A. in Liberal Studies from Manhattanville College.

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Sarah Golden, MS Ed

Ms. Golden is currently the Assistant Coordinator of Language Arts at Windward Manhattan.  As coordinator she evaluates and creates lower and middle school curriculum, mentors teachers, and presents workshops. 

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Keri Levine, MS

Ms. Levine has been special educator in public schools for over 15 years.  Currently, she is a learning disabilities specialist in the White Plains Public School District, where she coordinates the program Preventing Academic Failure (PAF) curriculum to “at-risk” children in the general education setting. 

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Anne Margolis, LCSW

Anne Margolis is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is presently employed at Familyhealth. Prior to that, she worked at Four Winds Hospital in Katonah, NY and the Department of Psychiatry at Putnam Hospital Center in Carmel, NY.   

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Danielle Patalano, MS


Ms. Patalano is currently The Windward School’s Middle School Math Coordinator. As coordinator she designs and evaluates the Middle School’s math program, mentors teachers and presents workshops to faculty and parent groups.

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Eileen Perlman, MS

Eileen Perlman, M.S., began her career as a classroom teacher and reading specialist. For more than twenty-five years, she has been a learning disabilities specialist for the White Plains Public Schools. 

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Jon Rosenshine, MEd

Jon Rosenshine is the Associate Head of School of The Windward School.  He has been an educator for over 25 years as a middle and high school English teacher and as a school administrator.

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Victoria Scarinci, MS

Ms. Scarinci is currently the Math Coordinator at Windward Manhattan.  As coordinator she designs and evaluates the Lower School and Middle School’s math program, mentors teachers and presents workshops to faculty and parent groups. 

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Danielle Scorrano, MPS

Danielle Scorrano is currently a Windward middle school teacher and The School’s Research Associate. In her role as Research Associate, her responsibilities include reviewing, analyzing, and communicating research that support The School’s program, presenting to faculty and at conferences, and establishing connections in the broader education community.

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Amanda Singleton, MS Ed

Ms. Singleton has worked at The Windward School since 2011 as a middle school math, language arts, and social studies teacher.  She has presented direct instruction and lesson planning strategies to new Windward teachers.

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Lydia H. Soifer, PhD

Lydia H. Soifer, Ph.D., a language pathologist, has more than thirty-five years experience in clinical, private and university teaching and is a frequent presenter at professional conferences across the country.

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Ann Spataro, MS

Ann Cunningham Spataro has been a teacher at The Windward School since 2009. During this time, she has developed language arts curriculum and video lessons used in staff development for The Windward School’s reading and writing programs.

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Lori Squillante, MS

Mrs. Squillante is currently the Coordinator of Lower School Math at The Windward School. 

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Alan B. Wachtel, MD

Alan Wachtel

Alan B. Wachtel, M.D. is the founder and director of Familyhealth Associates, a multi-disciplinary private group practice specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of attention, behavior, learning, and mood disorders.

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