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The Windward School Students

A Student at The Windward SchoolA Windward student’s day begins at 8:00 a.m. in a homeroom period designed to allow students to organize their books and papers, check in with teachers, socialize with friends, and engage in creative activities before formal classes begin.

After the first two academic periods, faculty and students have a short break for snack before continuing on with two or three more periods before lunch and recess.  Afternoon academic classes are followed by a homeroom check-in and pack-up period in the lower school and a Focus period in the middle school: both are designed to help students organize their backpacks and fill out their planners in preparation for the night’s homework.

All students have three language arts classes, math, and social studies every day.  Physical education class meets every day in the lower school and three times per week in the middle school.  During the week, students also have science, music, computer, art, and recess periods through which students have the options of physical activities, games, extra-curriculars, and socializing.

After 3:00 p.m. dismissal at the end of the school day, students have the option to stay at school in order to participate in interscholastic sports teams or clubs—both athletic and creative.  In order to accommodate the professional development of faculty and staff, students are dismissed early on Fridays at 1:45 p.m.

Students are daily supported to understand their learning differences, to advocate for themselves, and to see themselves as part of a caring community.  Our most successful students are kind, generous, honest, resilient, and hard-working.



Westchester Lower School      13 Windward Avenue 
                                                White Plains, NY 10605
Westchester Middle School      40 West Red Oak Lane 
                                                White Plains, NY 10604
Manhattan Lower and               212 East 93rd Street 
Middle Schools                         New York, NY 10128