Below you can browse the 2020-21 school year SpiritWear catalog.

Metro Sports Store

Our Metro Sports site runs special sales throughout the year that feature items such as our Windward Sports Hoodies, Windward t-shirts, and more!  

Dates of sales will be emailed to you and posted here ahead of each sale.


Please note: Not all items sold through the spirit wear store are dress code approved. Please refer to the Windward Dress Code Guidelines for dress code approved SpiritWear. 

Contact Us

Windward SpiritWear Committee:

SpiritWear Co-Chair MLS/MMS Jasmine Barr at jasminekbarr@gmail.com

SpiritWear Co-Chair WLS/WMS Tara Rodriguez at tara.rodriguez1@verizon.net

SpiritWear Vice Chair WLS/WMS Briana Holden at briana.holden@gmail.com

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