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Liz Cerabino
After-School Clubs & Trips Program Director, Manhattan Campus


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Manhattan Clubs & Activities Program

The Manhattan Lower Bronx Zooand Middle School Activities Program provides a broad range of clubs, activities and trips for our diverse student population.  These experiences afford students the opportunities to socialize in a less formal academic setting. 

During the school day, various clubs meet at recess under the supervision of highly-trained Windward faculty members. Clubs gather one or more times per week for an 8-week session, with some spanning the school year.  Students are encouraged to propose new clubs based on their interests.  To date, our clubs have included:

  • Student Council: Both lower and middle school students have the opportunity to represent their classmates and lead various community service projects. 
  • Lower School Chorus: 3rd and 4th graders learn to sing in beautiful harmony.
  • The Yoga Club: Students are introduced to age-appropriate yoga poses as well as breathing and mindfulness techniques.
  • Middle School Drama: All participating students will perform in various Windward Manhattan productions.
  • The Scrapbook Club: Students will continue to document the evolution of our New York City campus.

More traditional after-school activities are also an essential part of the Activities Program.  The school year is divided into trimesters – the fall session commencing in September, the winter session kicking off in December, and the spring session getting underway in March.  The overarching goal of the program is to appeal to as many students as possible by incorporating varied activities and season-specific sports that pique our students’ interests and promote their abilities.  Instructors are trained Windward faculty members and outside professionals that provide expert instruction. 

LegoThis year, several new programs will be introduced while many of our more popular programs will again be offered. These include: Chess Club, Middle School Soccer and Cross-Country teams, Lower School Sports & Games, the Lego & Jr. Robotics Club, and Instructional Tennis.    

In addition to curriculum-driven field trips, which support both our lower and middle school curricula, middle school students can also take advantage of numerous “social field trips,” which take place throughout the school year.  Students have the opportunity to visit cultural institutions, museums and sporting venues to enjoy a variety of experiences while developing and practicing essential social skills.  All excursions take place on Friday evenings and are open to middle school students only.  Trips are chaperoned by multiple Windward faculty members and most include dinner, during which time students can socialize with their peers.  The cost associated with each trip varies. 

Please contact Liz Cerabino, After-School Activities Chair, Manhattan Campus, for further information. 





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