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Kristin Galvin
Westchester Lower School Assistant Director of Athletics & Physical Education & Director of Lower School After-School Program


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Westchester Lower School After-School Program

Lower School After School Program
The After-School Program at Windward’s Westchester Lower School serves a dual purpose for the children in grades 1-4.  First and foremost, the program provides students with an opportunity to participate in an activity that they enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere once the school day has ended.  Secondly, the After-School Program gives students the opportunity to develop and practice essential social and emotional skills.

The After-School program has three sessions: fall, winter and spring. The fall session begins in September, shortly after the opening of school; the winter session commences in December, prior to the holiday recess; and the spring session generally starts in March. The program aims to attract as many students as possible by offering numerous activities as well as season-specific sports that meet their many interests.  Activities vary depending on the particular program session.  Past programs have included Sports and Games, ceramics, digital storytelling, papier maché, chess club, soccer, “Wacky Baseball,” and “Mad Science.” Instructors are members of Windward’s faculty and professionals from outside organizations that have provided instruction in such offerings as tennis and fencing.

Since Windward’s student body is drawn from towns and counties across three states, the After-School Program gives students the opportunity to participate in activities with school friends whom they might not easily see outside of the academic day.  The program’s goal is to bring students together via structured activities that allow them to enjoy themselves and socialize.


Please contact Kristin Galvin, Assistant Director of Athletics and Coordinator of the After School Program, if you have any questions.


Please see downloadable documents for Lower School clubs & activities forms. 




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