Sandi Galst Scholar Award

Determined by the Head of School on an annual basis, the Sandi Galst Scholar award recognizes an outstanding Windward reading teacher. The faculty member recipient is provided with financial assistance through the Sandi Galst Faculty Education Fund to further their education through academic course work or other professional experiences related to The Windward School. 

Past Recipients of the Sandi Galst Scholar Award

2022-23: Kelly Schmidt
2021-22: Nicole Halper-Weiss
2020-21: Deirdre McKechnie
2019-20: Jessica Romaniello 
2018-19: Kate Sullivan
2017-18: Jessica Sorna
2016-17: Sean Cioffi
2015-16: Leslie Pragay
2014-15: Carly Lillo
2013-14: Dorothy Dunne
2012-13: Diane Schonberger
2011-12: Amy Linden
2010-11: Shelley Donato
2009-10: Ruthanne Mahoney
2008-09: Janine Bartnett
2007-08: Pat Gay
2006-07: Carol Siegel
2005-06: Ronnie Berish