Heart of Windward Award

The Heart of Windward Award was created in 2020 to recognize a faculty or staff member from each division that is a champion for our core values and exemplary in their commitment to the Windward Community. 


Past Recipients of the Heart of Windward Award


  • Manhattan Lower School: Ms. Jillian Piazza
  • Manhattan Middle School: Ms. Lauren Benjamin
  • Westchester Lower School: Mr. Andrew Pearlman
  • Westchester Middle School: Mr. Jason Steiker
  • All Campuses: Ms. Isabel Hernandez


  • Manhattan Lower School: Ms. Elly Steiker-Pearl
  • Manhattan Middle School: Ms. Karen Jimenez
  • Westchester Lower School: Ms. Kristin Galvin
  • Westchester Middle School: Mr. Angelo Nobile


  • Manhattan Lower School: Mr. Matt Bloom
  • Manhattan Middle School: Ms. Helen Prichett
  • Westchester Lower School: Mr. Juan Jimenez
  • Westchester Middle School: Ms. Jayne Graziosa


  • Manhattan Lower and Middle Schools: Ms. Laura Monardo
  • Westchester Lower School: Ms. Tristes Dunn
  • Westchester Middle School: Ms. Marilyn Hunt