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Peter Beardsley

Peter Beardsley
Committee on Special Education Liaison

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Lara Damashek
Committee on Special Education Liaison

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Committee on Special Education
Support at The Windward School

Peter Beardsley and Lara Damashek are The Windward School Committee on Special Education Parent and Guardian Liaisons. Prior to coming to Windward, Mr. Beardsley worked as a special education teacher, a CSE chairperson, a director of special education, and an adjunct professor of special education.  Ms. Damashek worked as a special education attorney and NYC public school teacher before starting this role.  They are available to assist parents and guardians in their interactions with the Committee on Special Education, and they frequently participates in CSE meetings (PPT meetings in Connecticut) for Windward students.

With their guidance, parents and guardians can make informed decisions about accessing the CSE process, either in their district of residence or The Windward School public school district of location (White Plains, Harrison) and be prepared to participate in an active and meaningful way in discussions at CSE meetings.  Mr. Beardsley and Ms. Damashek are knowledgeable about individual evaluations and can help parents and guardians understand how the CSE is likely to interpret evaluation results. In addition, they are familiar with the continuum of special education services that can be considered for a student.  When a student is leaving Windward, Mr. Beardsley and Ms. Damashek work with parents/guardians and the outplacement office to ensure that special education services, if necessary, will be available in the student's next school setting.

Contact Mr. Beardsley or Ms. Damashek with your questions about IEPs and IESPs, annual reviews and reevaluations, the DOL or the DOR CSE, Section 504 Accommodation Plans, transportation, and testing accommodations after a student leaves Windward.



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