Outplacement Services

“Windward is committed to helping students achieve their full potential in preparation for a successful return to a mainstream educational environment.”

This line from Windward’s mission statement succinctly captures not only the overarching mission of the School but the distinct mission of its Outplacement Office.

The School’s Directors of Manhattan and Westchester Outplacement works with every Windward family to find the appropriate educational match to ensure their child’s continued academic success once they depart the School. With firsthand knowledge of various mainstream school options, along with an understanding of a student’s learning profile and interests, the Directors work with parents to develop an exit plan. For approximately a year, the Outplacement Team assists parents and students with applications, manages testing requirements, and preps students for school visits and interviews. The office manages all school records and recommendations required in the application process. For students who will be attending public schools, the Directors help navigate parents through the entry process, including information about the I.E.P. or 504 Plan process, and appropriate class placement. For students applying to independent schools, the Outplacement Directors advocate on their behalf with admissions directors until decisions are made.

The work of the Outplacement Office does not end once students have transitioned out of Windward. We track alumni progress by asking guidance counselors or advisors at mainstream schools to complete surveys about the academic performance and social adjustment of Windward alumni. The results of these surveys consistently demonstrate the extremely high success rate that alumni experience in their post-Windward years. In the most recent survey, 100% of alumni were working at or above grade level; 94% were participating in mainstream classes; and 92% were reported to have made an average or above average social adjustment to their schools. Upon graduation from high school, Windward alumni enroll in a broad range of colleges and universities.

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding if it is time for a student to leave Windward. Students are assessed annually for progress, and recommendations are made for the following year. If your child is in at least their second year at Windward and you have questions about their readiness to transition to a mainstream school, please contact:

  • Jason Mott, Campus Head of Manhattan Lower and Middle Schools
  • Daniele Kass, Campus Head of Westchester Lower School
  • Christopher Eberhard, Campus Head of Westchester Middle School

Should Dr. Mott, Dr. Kass, or Mr. Eberhard determine that it is time for your family to begin the outplacement process, we will contact you at the appropriate time.

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Diane Kissner
Director of Outplacement

Tanya Ehrlich
Director of Outplacement

Olivia Gennusa
Assistant Director of Outplacement

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Outplacement Coordinator

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Outplacement Associate