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Westchester Middle School Physical Education Program

Middle School Physical Education

The program for students in the fifth and sixth grades builds upon the lower school curriculum and is based on skill acquisition, creative drills combined with lead-up games and game play. Seventh and eighth grade students review the fundamentals of sport specific skills and engage in team scrimmages.  They also have the opportunity to enroll in elective activities, which include Zumba, yoga, fitness, rollerblading, and dance. The ninth grade curriculum is unique in that it is aimed at fostering an interest in lifetime sports such as tennis, bowling, golf, and skating.  The Middle School’s physical education curriculum places a strong emphasis on fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship and activities that foster an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle.  In all classes, students are introduced to age appropriate skills, concepts, rules, and strategies, and are given opportunities to practice those skills via drills, cooperative activities, creative games, and scrimmages.




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