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Westchester Lower School Physical Education Program

Lower School Athletics
In the Lower School, students have physical education class every day.  Teachers introduce students in grades 1-4 to basic physical fitness concepts, cooperative group games, dance, locomotor skills, spatial awareness, and sports development activities.  Throughout the year, physical education teachers provide activities that instill in students important life skills such as teamwork, game strategies, and good sportsmanship.  In class, students work on developing strong basic skills and then use them in age appropriate lead-up and creative games, cooperative play, and scrimmages. Students are encouraged to join the After School Program, where these skills are reinforced through fun games and team play. The structure of the Lower School’s physical education program provides Windward’s younger students with a smooth transition into the program at the Middle School.













Westchester Lower School      13 Windward Avenue 
                                                White Plains, NY 10605
Westchester Middle School      40 West Red Oak Lane 
                                                White Plains, NY 10604
Manhattan Lower and               212 East 93rd Street 
Middle Schools                         New York, NY 10128