Alumni Profiles

The Windward School is committed to transforming the lives of its students through its proven method of teaching, and there is no better testament to the success of our program than our alumni. In the video below, a group of alumni give testimony to the value and importance of a Windward education. Time spent in a Windward classroom is a truly positive, life-changing experience, and we encourage you to take a moment to listen to how the School has impacted the lives of these young people. A diagnosis of dyslexia or a language-based learning disability does not have to translate into a lifetime of intellectual struggle, as these alumni brilliantly prove. Please take a moment to read about their experiences.

Alumni Stories

Samantha Coppola ’17: The Relationship Between Dyslexia and Privilege

Samantha Coppola ’17 has been passionate about the performing arts her entire life. It was not until she began to speak about her experience with dyslexia and equitable education for all dyslexics, however, that she would give one of her most meaningful performances. She posed the thought-provoking question: If reading is a basic human right, why is it treated as a privilege? Read more about Samantha's experience with dyslexia and her advocacy for dyslexics inside.

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