Maya Lebowitz ’21 Participates in EEG Training Alongside Windward Faculty

This article originally appeared in The Compass Spring/Summer 2020 issue. 

After arriving at Windward in third grade as a non-reader, Maya recently completed her junior year at SAR Academy with a 4.0 GPA in the dual curriculum program, which comprises classes in both secular and Judaic studies. In addition to her demanding academic workload, Maya has also pursued her growing interest in neuroresearch, particularly understanding how the dyslexic mind works. Maya penned an article for SAR’s science journal where she compared the dyslexic brain to the non-dyslexic brain, and, as a member of the education committee of model congress, she drafted a bill for mandatory state testing for learning disabilities.  

So when Maya read about the Windward/Haskins Laboratories Collaborative Project and its in-school research study, Predicting Learning Outcomes at The Windward School, in the last issue of The Compass, she reached out to The Windward Institute to see if she could become involved. In February, she received permission to join the Windward faculty on the EEG Leadership Team during their EEG training for phase two of the study's data collection.  

“The opportunity to learn about the basics of how EEG works was so cool and interesting,” said Maya. “My favorite part of the day was learning how to apply an EEG cap on a subject. When someone is wearing the cap, I saw how the sensors pick up every action—from blinking to moving your jaw to sweating—and what that looks like on the brain readings. It was fascinating.” 

During Maya’s visit to attend the EEG training, she was able to reconnect with her former fifth-grade language arts teacher, Ms. Scorrano, who is one of the four Windward faculty members on the EEG Leadership Team. Maya was in Ms. Scorrano’s first language arts class at Windward.