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Alexis Pochna

Alexis Pochna
Division Head, Westchester Lower School

ext. 2241



Amanda Rathbun

Amanda Rathbun
Assistant Division Head, Westchester Lower School
ext. 2232

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Welcome to Westchester Lower School

Welcome to Westchester Lower School, where students with language-based learning disabilities receive proven, research-based instruction within a supportive, nurturing environment. Our highly-trained faculty and staff are dedicated to supporting our students’ academic success while fostering their social and emotional growth.  Commitment to helping each child realize his or her potential and shared pride in our students’ accomplishments are hallmarks of the Lower School community. 

Daily instruction is focused on building fundamental academic skills as well as interpersonal and organizational skills. Within small classes, students receive the direct instruction and support they need to begin bridging the gap between their academic performance and potential. Through teacher modeling, guided practice, and class discussions, Windward students build the self-confidence necessary to flourish academically and socially. 

Our vibrant school community is characterized by respect, kindness, and empathy. All students are appreciated and valued, and feelings of confidence and belonging permeate the building. Our neighborhood campus provides a safe, inviting atmosphere for learning and lush fields for sports and games. 

The picture below is the view from my office window. I delight in hearing the children play on our beautiful property. Above all, I enjoy visiting our classrooms and watching the transformative teaching and learning that takes place each day. Thank you for browsing our website to learn about the Westchester Lower School. Please explore the Lower School pages for more information regarding our daily program.

Alexis Pochna
Division Head, Westchester Lower School


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Westchester Lower School      13 Windward Avenue 
                                                White Plains, NY 10605
Westchester Middle School      40 West Red Oak Lane 
                                                White Plains, NY 10604
Manhattan Lower and               212 East 93rd Street 
Middle Schools                         New York, NY 10128