Suggested Timeline for Admissions



  • Attend Outplacement information session.
  • Schedule a Parent Teacher Conference/Outplacement Meeting by contacting Jayne Graziosa at ext. 1262.



  • If applying to Jewish Day Schools, your child will be required to take the Yeshiva HighSchool Admissions Exam. For more information regarding registration, please contact Shelley Hill at Registration generally opens in late August and ends in early September.



  • Attend Open Houses, if available.
  • Visit websites of schools and arrange visits.
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting with Diane Kissner, Tanya Ehrlich, and your division head.
  • Determine which tests are required for admission (ISEE, SSAT, TACHS) and sign up for tests.  Windward will provide you with explicit directions for registering for the ISEE.  You will need to arrange for SSAT and TACHS applications online.
  • Confirm the documentation required if asking for special testing accommodations.
  • Investigate outside test preparation.



  • Make a copy of the entire application for each school.
  • Work on admissions applications: determine any deadlines.
  • Send required recommendation forms to Gina Naclerio for processing.
  • If applying for financial aid, gather any financial aid information and complete forms for consideration.
  • Child takes SSAT or TACHS at outside location.



  • Child takes the ISEE at Windward or SSAT at an outside location.
  • Finalize applications for day schools and make copies of what is sent; confirm receipt of application by school.



  • Boarding school applications finalized, copied and sent.
  • If you are planning to send your child to your public school, contact Diane Kissner and Peter Beardsley to being enrollment process.
  • Contact Diane Kissner or Tanya Ehrlich to discuss first choice schools.
  • The Waiting Game
    • If you have a first choice school, let them know by letter or email. You can also ask the outplacement director to call on your behalf.
    • We will be speaking to Admissions Directors during this time, advocating for your child and answering any questions that they may have about your application.



  • Independent schools decisions are made.
  • Revisit days may be arranged.



  • Boarding admissions decisions mailed on March 10th.
  • Revisit days can be arranged.
  • Send in appropriate paperwork and deposit for matriculation.


Waitlist Status

  • If wait-listed, notify the school and Windward regarding your level of interest to remain on the waitlist.
  • We will send second quarter grades and updates of your child’s progress at your  request

As soon as you’re accepted:

  • Make your final decision.  As soon as you do, contact the school your child will be attending.
  • Notify Windward when your final decision has been made.
  • As soon as you know you are not going to attend a school, let them know.  Every school has a waiting list of students for whom that school is a first choice.



  • Windward will make recommendations to ensure a smooth transition.  This may include suggestions for summer work or possibly outside support for the fall.
  • Each student leaving is provided with a package called “Tools for Success.”  This packet includes all outlines for the Basic Writing Skills curriculum and other organizational tools that our alumni find helpful in their new settings.



Steps in the application process.

Required Entrance Exams.

Suggested Timeline for Admssions.


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