Roberta Plotycia Named 2019 Stone Master Teacher Award Recipient

In honor of The Windward School’s founder, Isabel Greenbaum Stone, the Stone Master Teacher Award is given at the end of each school year to an outstanding faculty member that has been at Windward for four years or more. The award serves as a reaffirmation of the importance Ms. Stone placed on exemplary instruction that meets the individual needs of students.  

Roberta Plotycia, the 2019 recipient, has been teaching at Westchester Middle School for 15 years. Ms. Plotycia has been steadfast in her commitment to Windward’s mission to help students with language-based learning disabilities achieve their full potential. Her open-door policy to both students and assistant teachers demonstrates her high level of devotion and care for others, as she spends countless hours outside of class to help students succeed and gives assistants tireless support. Many of her teaching assistants have gone on to become Windward master teachers. Although Ms. Plotycia is serious about school work, she has a great sense of humor and is always ready and willing to work collaboratively. When she was named the Stone Master Teacher Award winner, Ms. Plotycia shared, “I’m extremely honored because every single teacher here deserves this. Thank you so much, I know this is an extraordinary honor.”