WLS Grade 3 Students Build Inuit Inuksuk Structures

The third-grade social studies curriculum engages students in learning about the countries of the world. Over the course of the school year, the third graders are taught not only historical facts but also cultural customs and traditions of the country.  

Most recently, the third-grade classes have been studying Canada and its Indigenous communities, including the First Nations and Inuit. The Inuit, which translates to “people,” live primarily in northern Canada, and the third-grade classes listened to a read aloud of The Gift of the Inuksuk by Mike Ulmer as an introduction to the Inuit culture and beliefs.  

Students learned that an inuksuk is a handmade stone landmark whose purpose is to guide others in navigating the Canadian Arctic region. Sometimes, inuksuks also were used to identify locations that were ideal for hunting and fishing. As a follow up activity to the story, Westchester Lower School students created their own inuksuk structures.  

Enjoy some photos of students proudly displaying their own inuksuks below!