The Windward School Partners with Child Mind Institute to Provide Pandemic Support Program

The Windward School is excited to announce that it will be partnering with Child Mind Institute (CMI) to offer a mental health Pandemic Support Program from October to December 2020. This program, based on the Child Mind Institute’s Comprehensive Wellness Initiative, provides tailored support that includes professional development, parent/guardian support, consultation, and access to CMI’s digital social-emotional wellness curriculum. 

The unprecedented circumstances resulting from the global pandemic demand innovative, robust solutions by educators for the students and communities they serve. Students, teachers, and their families are facing multiple stressors: navigating a vastly altered school environment for the 2020-2021 school year; dealing with upended structures in their ways of life; mourning losses of family members, friends, or colleagues to COVID-19; and feeling isolated from community supports. Tending to social and emotional well-being is more important now than ever, for both students and the adults in their lives.  

In order to address the unique needs of the Windward community in this moment, Child Mind Institute has created a multi-pronged approach to emotional wellness, with resources targeted specifically for the School. As part of the partnership with CMI, Windward will receive the following: 

  • One faculty workshop per month on a mental health topic affecting the Windward community 

  • One parent/guardian webinar per month on a mental health topic relevant to the Windward community 

  • One one-hour consultation per month between a Child Mind Institute school-based mental health expert and Windward’s cohort of mental health professionals 

  • Access to a consultation helpline for Windward educators’ questions on how best to support themselves, their students, and the Windward community 

  • Access to CMI’s Digital Wellness Toolkit for all Windward students 

Topics for parent/guardian workshops will focus on managing anxiety and stress in the face of COVID-19, mental health 101 during COVID, and how to manage expectations for child behavior and academic success in a remote learning model. 

Topics for educators’ workshops will relate to how teachers can promote relationship building with students during COVID-19 and in the context of remote or in-person learning, how to recognize students who are struggling, and how to nurture one’s personal well-being amid novel demands on both time and emotional resources.  

Windward believes that teaching useful social-emotional skills to students, such as mindfulness and coping with stress, provides a sense of security and resiliency during times of uncertainty, which is especially relevant now. Broadening these supports to include Windward's educators and parents/guardians underscores Windward's commitment to community education that is a central pillar of its mission. Child Mind Institute, renowned for its outstanding, thorough work and standards of care, is the ideal partner to greatly enhance social and emotional supports at The Windward School during this critical period of transition.