Read The Compass Fall/Winter 2019 Issue Here

The Compass Fall/Winter 2019 issue featured Mr. Jamie Williamson's Road to Windward. From growing up in the Appalachia region of Kentucky to his first year as Head of The Windward School, Mr. Williamson's personal and professional backgrounds were highlighted in the article. 

The Windward Institute and Windward Teacher Training Program were introduced, and the included FAQ answered how The Windward Institute differs from its previous incarnation, the Windward Teacher Training Institute. 

In the "Leadership, Character, and Camaraderie: The Benefits of a Robust Community Service Program at Windward" feature, the unique aspects of the community service program at every division were showcased. 

The faculty profile on Westchester Middle School Teacher Pat Gay depicted her colorful life journey and how she came to Windward as a second career. 

Alum Matthew Gullo '02 shared his "storybook career" as an NYPD Officer and Lieutenant Firefighter and why Windward was critical in helping him achieve his dreams. 

Read The Compass Fall/Winter 2019 issue here.