Read The Beacon Spring 2021 Issue - Featuring New Column on Disrupting Educational Status Quo

The Beacon Spring 2021 journal addresses the theme of accurately identifying the problem at hand in order to take the next steps of finding appropriate solutions. Whether it be distinguishing the nuance of language between learning disabilities vs. learning differences or between scientifically based vs. evidence based reading programs, applying the correct label is vitally important for children with language-based learning disabilities. 

Feature stories inside The Beacon Spring 2021 include:

  • Featured Research Publication - "The Simple View of Reading: Advancements and False Impressions" by Hugh W. Catts, PhD
  • Head Lines - "Learning Disabilities vs. Learning Differences: Why the Language We Use Matters" by Jamie Williamson, Head of The Windward School
  • Q&A with Inspiring Leaders in the World of Dyslexia - Magdalena Zavalía Miguens, Literacy Leader in Spanish-Speaking World
  • NEW COLUMN! Turning the Tide - "The Masked Matthew Effect" by Annie Stutzman, Associate Director of The Windward Institute
  • Inside the Institute - "Scientifically-Based Reading Programs: Caveat Emptor" by Dr. John J. Russell, Special Projects Advisor at The Windward School
  • Research Roundup - "Yes, And...A Comprehensive Model for Understanding Reading Disabilities" by Danielle Scorrano, Research & Development Director of The Windward Institute
  • Intersecting Research with Classroom Practice - "Why Reading Aloud Is Not Just for Early Readers" by Molly Ness, PhD, and Kate Sullivan