Message from the Head of School: One Year Later - Gratitude & Hope

Dear Windward Community, 

One year ago, our lives completely changed. While we were fortunate to remain unscathed by the initial onset of COVID-19, the ripples of its impact have been felt by us all through immense change, loss, and uncertainty; however, I hope you have found positive ways to cope despite so much adversity, and I hope Windward continues to be a part of helping you and your family. I cannot begin to tell you how good it feels to see our students in class–whether they are on campus or joining from home.  

If you are in need of some strategies to help cope with the COVID-19 one-year anniversary, please see Dr. Ania Siwek's, Manhattan Lower School Psychologist, article here. As always, our guidance office is available to all community members. 

Meeting the Moment & Gratitude 

If you haven’t yet, I invite you to read the latest issue of The Compassour community magazine, which shares how our community met the moment presented to us in the past year. The term “moment” is fitting since many of the challenges we faced then and now continue to turn into new ones; however, every student, family, faculty and staff member in our community continues to help Windward rise to its challenges, and you have not given up: My deep and sincere gratitude and appreciation go to every one of you. 

Stay Healthy, Windward 

While the light at the end of the tunnel is visible, we have not beaten the virus yet. As we approach Spring Break, warmer weather, and potential travel, and as more people become vaccinated, we are launching a campaign, Stay Healthy, Windward, to run throughout the rest of the school year to remind us all to continue to practice the important safety precautions that have helped keep our campuses open. Additionally, we are actively encouraging all faculty and staff members to get vaccinated. 

Follow our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter channels for Stay Healthy, Windward posts on Fridays, and more will be shared about other activities to promote keeping our community as safe and healthy as possible. You can also download this poster to keep as a reminder.  

Additionally, we are aware of the recent updated guidance on the New York State quarantine and travel advisory, and we are in the process of reviewing and awaiting further communication from the departments of health. We will be sharing more on this soon. 

It’s up to all of us! Stay vigilant and Stay Healthy, Windward


Jamie Williamson
Head of School

Stay Healthy Windward Poster