Grades 6-8 Students Invited to Attend 8th Annual Fairchester Middle School Diversity Conference

All Windward sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students are invited to participate in an interactive student diversity conference with fellow middle school students in the Fairchester area on Saturday, April 24 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. on Zoom. The theme of the 8th Annual Fairchester Middle School Diversity Conference is “The Middle School Mosaic: Taking Action While We Heal Together.” The purpose of the conference is to provide students with the opportunity to feel empowered as leaders who can create inclusive and supportive learning communities within their school.  

During the conference, students will select a workshop to engage in a particular topic further. Topics include gender/sexuality continuum; bystanders, upstanders, allies, and co-conspirators; race, racism, and #BLM; popularity, fitting in, and body image; money, class, and independent schools; feminism and #MeToo; and more. Middle Schoolers will also hear from a speaker and explore identities within affinity groups. 

Interested families should complete page 4 of this registration packet and submit to Ms. Christine Moloney, Coordinator of Diversity, and then register online here by Friday, April 16. The registration packet also contains additional information on the schedule of the day, workshops, affinity groups, and more.