Congratulations 2020-2021 Faculty & Staff Award Recipients

On Friday, May 21, The Windward School held its End-of-Year Virtual Faculty and Staff Awards Ceremony. During the ceremony, six awards were presented to members of Windward faculty and staff. 

Isabel Greenbaum Stone Master Teacher Award 

First, the Isabel Greenbaum Stone Master Teacher Award was awarded to Westchester Middle School Teacher Ms. Alexandra Frelinghuysen. Ms. Frelinghuysen has been described by fellow faculty members as knowing her students so well, that every lesson she teaches is specifically geared towards each class. Ms. Frelinghuysen has an incredible commitment to teaching and is a faculty member for The Windward Institute. 

The Heart of Windward Awards 

The second annual Heart of Windward Awards were given this year to one faculty or staff member from each division that exemplifies outstanding commitment to the Windward community. 

The Manhattan Lower School recipient was given to Mr. Matt Bloom ’13. Mr. Bloom has been teaching at Windward since 2018 and is a Windward alum. Mr. Bloom has an incredible sense of community and continues to pay forward the gift of the Windward education he received as a child. 

Ms. Helen Prichett, Manhattan Lower & Middle Schools Librarian, was awarded the MMS Heart of Windward award. Ms. Prichett is known for being a “ray of sunshine,” even during this past year of uncertainty. Ms. Prichett always finds the positive side of every situation and that is what led her to be nominated for this award. 

The Westchester Lower School Heart of Windward award was given to someone who has played an imperative role in keeping Windward’s newest campus open and safe for our students during the pandemic. Mr. Juan Jimenez, Facilities Supervisor, was honored for his “can-do” attitude and continued creativity to fix any problem. 

The Westchester Middle School recipient was Ms. Jayne Graziosa, Executive Assistant to the Westchester Middle School Division Head. Ms. Graziosa is a beloved member of the Westchester Middle School community who has devoted 25 years to Windward. Ms. Graziosa is dedicated to the mission of the school and is prepared to help families with any question they may have. Her continued commitment to Windward truly makes her the heart of the Westchester Middle School campus. 

The Sandi Galst Scholar Award 

The Sandi Galst Scholar Award is given annually to an outstanding Windward reading teacher. The recipient of this award is provided with financial assistance through the Sandi Galst Faculty Education Fund to further his/her education through academic course work or other professional experiences related to The Windward School. This year’s recipient, Ms. Deirdre McKechnie, is a Manhattan Lower School teacher and a faculty member for The Windward Institute. Ms. McKechnie’s engaging teaching style, enthusiasm, and volunteer work are only a few of the reasons she was chosen to receive this award. 

Florence Nightingale Award 

Over this past school year, Windward faculty, staff, and administrators have worked tirelessly to keep Windward campuses open and safe for our students. This year, a special one-time award was given to recognize an individual’s exceptional devotion to nursing and public health. Ms. Colleen Iodice, Assistant Director of Health and Safety, was honored with the Florence Nightingale Award for her continued work to keep Windward’s community safe. 

Congratulations to the award recipients for the 2020-21 school year!